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Are you feeling stuck? If things seem “off” or you find things are going wrong, you may have unbalanced, closed, or over-stimulated chakras.

Get back on the right path with a Chakra consult and session! Session includes consult via FB messenger or email, suggestions for remedy, as well as a PERSONALISED Chakra Meditation (digital), which I will record and send to you for use whenever and however many times you wish. *Personalised meditation will be for ONE chakra. Additional chakra meditations can be purchased as add-ons after the consult.

I am a Life and Wellness Coach, certified in Chakra Clearing and Chakra Meditation. 
Specific results are not guaranteed. This is a tool, not a "get out of jail free" card, you will put your energy into it to improve how things are going in your own life. I am your guide. Let's go on a journey! Open the door and step in...

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