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I am a Gypsy Dukkerer (reader/fortune-teller) and have been reading tea since 2003, a tradition in my Romani Gypsy family-who has read tea, and tarot for generations.


TRADITIONAL READING covers past influences that are still affecting your life to some degree, obstacles and things to come. I think of it as a tea version of the traditional Celtic Cross tarot spread.
Jasmine Black tea is used for this.

The RUSSIAN reading covers important things to watch for in the coming months, I will be using Premium Russian loose tea.

LE CHAT NOIR- A sassy tea version of the OMGWTF. Focuses on what you need to know right now. This reading will touch on important advantages as well as obstacles that will need to be taken care of before being able to move forward. Tea is “Brunch in Paris” premium loose tea blend.

Tea is brewed traditionally while concentrating on the person for whom the reading is being done. I drink the tea, still concentrating on the person and/or the question then dump the tea according to my traditions. Reading will include symbols found in the cup, their meanings and a photo of the cup with leaves shown. Results and photo are delivered via email or FB message (if preferred).

A picture of the person getting the reading is not necessary, but can be helpful with connecting.

*PLEASE NOTE* The digital file available to download upon purchase is NOT YOUR reading, obviously, no one is THAT fast! Digital placeholder file contains information and instructions about my readings and consults and how they are done. YOUR reading will be delivered separately from the digital download.

Readings are sold as curios- for entertainment purposes only & specific results are not guaranteed.

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